User Experience Researcher and Usability Tester

MIND Research Institute
2017-08-17 16:06:43
Location: Irvine, CaliforniaURL: http://www.mindresearch.orgDescription: Are you passionate about user research and the potential for game-based learning?

MIND Research Institute is utilizing gamification and neuroscientific research to push the boundaries of education, and we need a user experience researcher to raise our game.

Over a million students played our math games this year. ST Math already the most innovative and effective educational experiences on the market, but we’re not satisfied. We’re exploring ambitious changes to our student experience, educator experience, and parent experience. We need an awesome user experience researcher on our team to make it happen.

We’re looking for someone who breaths user research.

Someone who can think like a scientist, equally excited to prove or to disprove a hypothesis.

Someone who can think like a child or an adult.

Someone who can think like a gamer, who knows in their gut what flow really feels like.

Someone eager to test, test, test! As often as possible and in as many places as possible.

Someone willing to say that the Big Idea didn’t work as planned.

Someone willing to promote awareness of the surprising little things that did work.

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