Gameplay Programmer

Trendy Entertainment, Inc.
2017-08-25 17:00:46
Location: Gainesville, FloridaURL: http://www.trendyent.comDescription: Requirements
• Knowledge of at least one of C, C++, C#, or similar. Knowledge of object-oriented programming techniques, interface-based programming, test development, design patterns.
• Strong 3D math skills (vectors, matrices, rotations such as Euler, axis-angle, quaternion).
• Ability to write clean well-structured code, estimate tasks, and review/evaluate existing code.
• Strong debugging and problem solving skills.
• Strong communication skills.

Pluses: previous game development experience, shipped one or more game titles, UE3 and UnrealScript experience, experience working on multiple platforms including mobile and/or consoles.

The majority of a Programmer’s time is devoted to completing assigned tasks and fixing bugs. Programmers may find themselves in a specialized role, where the types of tasks and bugs they are assigned are focused on specific areas. Some of these specialization areas are (not a full list): Gameplay, Graphics, AI, Networking, UI, and Tools.
• Programmer duties include:
• Providing input into technical designs, as required.
• Provide accurate estimates for tasks and bugs.
• Follow all coding standards when implementing tasks and fixing bugs.
• Implementation must meet all identified goals and requirements, and must follow the “Definition of Done” as defined by the Technical Director.
• Time to complete should closely match the estimate, otherwise you must communicate any issues causing the delay.
• Participation in programmer meetings, stand-ups, playtesting sessions, and company-wide meetings
• Prog 2-level tasks require minimal assistance from other programmers.
• Can execute Prog 3 tasks with some assistance and clear direction.
• Effectively designs, estimates, and reviews tasks at Prog 2 level.
• Debugs Prog 2 tasks efficiently.
• Assists and mentors other Prog 2s.
Emphasis on Game Play
Description: This person will use the Unreal 3 Engine (UE3) to create custom gameplay for Dungeon Defenders 2 and other Trendy titles. The successful applicant must have knowledge of server-authoritative systems, network client/server interaction, code development in MS Visual Studio. Typical programming tasks might include creating new shops, new abilities, new weapons, or new enemy behaviors. Nice to have experience: character spawners, animation controllers, UI development.
Requirements & Skills:
Minimum 1 year experience with scripting behaviors in a game engine (UE, Unity, etc.). Experienced with source control systems like SVN, Perforce, Git, etc. Experienced with Agile project methodology and project management tools like JIRA:Agile. Nice to have experience with Linux and Linux debugging tools like Visual GDB. Experience with debugging tools like nFringe and profiling tools like Pix or Performance Explorer.

To be considered, please send your resume, cover letter and Salary requirements (a must) to jobs@trendyent.comApply to this job