Assistant Technical Director (Maya TD)

People Moving Pixels
2018-06-12 23:28:15
Texto de la oferta:People Moving Pixels is recruiting qualified professionals for the new season of the animated TV series TALKING TOM & FRIENDS - 3D (CGI).If you believe you are a perfect fit, it’s easy! You just have to fill in the form here, and cross your fingers pronto! mínimos:Requirements:. EU citizenship (eligible to work in Spain). English understanding. Relocate to Santa Cruz de TenerifeRequisitos deseados:Qualifications:. Expert Maya user. Shotgun and shotgun toolkit/desktop. Python. Git revision systemPlus:. Familiar with gitlab (web-based Git-repository manager). Basic understanding of shotgun python api and maya python apiResponsabilidades:Tasks:. Assist with the transition and integration of shotgun in all production steps.. Prepare existing maya scene and references for use with shotgun.. Clean up maya scenes to improve the daily performance in the layout and animation department.. Create documentation for shotgun / shotgun desktop. Convert existing documentation to wiki pages.. Help artists with daily technical issues. Give feedback of overall problems and performance issues.